Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Dispute Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Resolving Real Estate Disputes For Utah Businesses And Individuals

What starts out as a straightforward real estate matter unexpectedly can become complex and may result in threatened or actual litigation. Individuals and businesses of all sizes in Utah turn to James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., for their assistance in connection with such disputes. From offices in Salt Lake City, the firm serves clients throughout the region and beyond.

Prepared To Address Complex Issues Involved In Real Estate Purchases, Sales Or Commercial Leases

When difficult issues arise in the course of real estate transactions, our law firm can respond quickly because of the great wealth of knowledge possessed by our attorneys. Our portfolio of case results encompasses a wide range of core issues as well as side issues that tend to come up in real estate litigation.

Our attorneys are prepared to advise you and advocate on your behalf with regard to your property disputes involving a/an:

  • Buy-sell transaction
  • Commercial landlord-tenant dispute over a lease
  • Land use dispute
  • Encroachment, adverse possession or easement dispute
  • Eminent domain action
  • Quiet title action
  • Mechanics’ lien issue
  • Specific performance issue (when a party to a contract fails to follow through with terms of that contract)
  • All other real estate disputes

Complex Real Estate Litigation

Lawyers at James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C, welcome inquiries at 801-363-6363 or by email through this website. Learn about past cases we have handled similar to yours and discuss strategies aimed at successful resolution of your dispute.