Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Intellectual property disputes affect both individuals and commercial entities, such as companies and partnerships. James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., has extensive experience representing parties to intellectual property litigation.

Threats To Intellectual Property From Outside A Business

Violation of a patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret can undermine the hard work and established value of individual inventors, multinational commercial entities and every size of business in between. Unauthorized use of duplicate trade dress (packaging or presentation, for example) falls within the scope of intellectual property wrongdoing.

Violation Of Trade Secrets: Misappropriation Of Any Type Of Proprietary Knowledge Or Methods Of Doing Business

If your trade secrets have been stolen, or if you have been accused of taking someone’s trade secrets, we are experienced and well-equipped to pursue your legal cause.

Contact A Utah IP Litigation Attorney

Our firm welcomes the opportunity to evaluate new legal challenges in the area of intellectual property. Whether your legal opponent is an employee, a business partner, a customer, a potential customer or a business that interacts with your business, we can help devise a cost-effective path forward. You may need to protect proprietary information or defend yourself or your business against unjust allegations of intellectual property theft. Call 801-363-6363 or send a message through this website to get in touch with a lawyer at James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., in Salt Lake City.