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Internal business disputes, business versus employee disputes, business versus former employee disputes, business-to-business disputes, business versus customer disputes and business versus government disputes are all examples of cases handled by James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C. With an array of experience and skills to offer, our attorneys collaborate as needed in pursuit of optimal outcomes that take into account a business’s and/or individual’s best interests and bottom line.Our business litigation attorneys can advise owners or managers of businesses of any size regarding:

Our Salt Lake City law firm is a trusted source of counsel and representation for businesses throughout the region. We customize our work to best suit each client’s needs, exercising caution with clients’ legal fee budgets as well as legal objectives.

A Teamwork Approach Benefits Business Litigation Clients

As a business dispute leans toward litigation, side issues tend to come up unexpectedly. When one legal problem leads to another, James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C.’s clients benefit from our collaborative philosophy in the practice of law. Our Utah-based firm covers a wide range of focus areas. Practically any litigation and/or energy related matter can be addressed by one or more of our business law attorneys.

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We can be reached by phone at 801-363-6363 or by email. Lawyers at James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., are available to explain how we can help you pursue your goals with reassurance of a promising path forward.